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Mobus News

Mobus has been recognised on the Inspired Britain 2016 list.

The list, compiled by the London Stock Exchange, features the top 1000 companies across the UK in any industry and focuses on the UK’s most exciting and dynamic

small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

These chosen companies have shown growing revenues over the past 4 years and have outperformed their sector peers.

Commenting on the success of making the list, CEO Mike Presley said “We are thrilled to be recognised as one of the top 1000 SMEs in the UK and are delighted to take our place amongst such a remarkable list of UK companies.” Adding: “It has been another remarkable year for Mobus Fabrics and with continued growth & success, the future looks exciting for everybody involved in the business”

Xavier Rolet, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group said “We want to shine a light on what we know to be true: that these companies are the engine room of the UK economy.”

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After 5 months of building the new offices and testing facility, it is ready for action. The testing team is moving into the offices and setting up the new testing equipment…. the hard work now begins.

The testing equipment will allow for the following tests to be carried out;




Tear Strength

Light fastness

Water Fastness

Wet & Dry Rubbing

FR testing

Plus many more….

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Clarkson Textiles are proud to be the first FR treatment company to carry the FRETWORK COGP(Quality Assurance) Logo) "Our processing facilities have been successfully audited by FIRA(BM TRADA) giving us independent quality assurance approval benefit to all our customers."

The FCOGP is “open for business” The companies that have supported the creation of the scheme and indeed have test driven the scheme through the first independent audits will be allowed to use Fretwork logo to describe their commitment to the principles of the scheme. We are now looking to extend the membership of the scheme.

The scheme has 2 basic components: audit to establish that firms possess the ability to produce consistent and reliable results and the sanction of denial of membership to any company that fails to maintain the standards set. The scheme will have teeth.

Work is already in hand to increase the scope of the scheme with sections to deal with the critical issues such as the choice of chemistry and any potential environmental impacts. Most of all we are looking to establish that we have listened to concerns expressed during the FFR Review process and have the resolve to deal with those issues.

If you have any questions about the scheme and want more information,please call or email Peter Wragg.

Tel: 01332 811706 Email: fretwork@btinternet.com

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Key Facts:

No of Colours:: 25

Composition:: 100% Polyester

Martindale:: 35,000

Width:: 138cm

Suitability:: General Contract


After a pre-launch at the NEC furniture show in January the Hardwick has really hit the ground running. Available in 25 colours and suitable up to general contract, it is easy to see why it has been so successful so quickly.

hardwick show

The soft handle, lustrous shine and mottled destress appearance makes Hardwick impossible to ignore whether your selecting fabric for furniture, cushions or curtains. The fabric has taken inspiration from our bestselling Sherlock collection but with fresh colours and more destressed look to meet current fashion trends.

Stocks are now available in all colours and with greige available in China we can dye any urgent volumes will be need once selected… give our sales team a call to request your sample swatch

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