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Supply Solutions

Operating from sites
around the world Mobus offers
customers greater manufacturing
flexibility, JIT supply and reduced
stock commitments.

Warehousing and Stock

Operating out of
3 warehouses with
over 1.5m meters
of stock

Warehousing and Stock

Finished Goods Warehouse (UK)

The fabric rolls
are stored in single
height racks and picked in
one of our many specialist
warehouse vehicles. All
the stock is managed and
controlled by dedicated stock
controllers using our semi
bespoke software.

Mobus finished
goods warehouse is the
centre of operations and hub
of activity for the business.
Utilising all available space
to maximise capacity the
despatches are picked daily
JIT for despatch with one
of our trusted carriers.

Riverbank Warehouse (UK)

Mobus opened
the Riverbank warehouse
in 2013 and has since been
a hub of activity and a major
contribution to the company’s
growth. Riverbank is the first port
of call for the majority of fabric
arriving in the UK and is therefore
known as the loomstate
(unfinished goods)

Each container
arrives with over
30,000m and within 2 hours
is broken down for either
sale, distribution to fabric
finishers or stocked in one
of the 600 stillages
stored on site.

Mobus Hangzhou (China)

Mobus Hangzhou
opened in 2015 and will
immediately support our
growing Chinese business.
As retailers offer greater colour
selection and push for faster
lead times Mobus has taken
steps to support
its customers.

Mobus Hangzhou will offer:

On site UK FR finishing

Stock holding to reduce lead times


Order flexibility

FR Finishing, Testing & Due Diligence

Carrying out over 1500 independent fabric performance tests per year

FR Finishing, Testing & Due Diligence

Mobus has had a long term relationship with West Yorkshire Materials Testing and more recently become a member of FIRA.

Mobus embraces
the regulations and
offers full transparency
and due diligence on
every meter delivered
to its customers.

Mobus has just
opened its new Fire
Retardant (FR) Coating and
Finishing Plant in China.
The facility enables Mobus
to have complete control
over the Flame Retardant
process which services al
our China domestic and
international customers.

is able to
offer it’s

Audit trails
and open
with finishers

piece numbers
and full piece

updated test
performed by an
independent UKAS
accredited test

test reporting
and archiving

of FR coating
through our
due diligence

Full BS
2543 Fabric
& BS 5852

Stock Management

Managing over 250,000m worth of stock movements each week

Stock Management

Mobus is moving over 250,000m
of fabric per week through 4 warehouses, sea freight shipping lines and air freight companies.

Tracking, planning
and forecasting those stock
movements is controlled from its
head office on Lowfields Business
Park. Mobus manages the stock
using a semi bespoke software
system which has been developed
over the years to meet the
ever changing demands
of the business.

With over 80
collections, each with
various colours, in a
number of different
finishes, in total
Mobus has over 4,000
different products
in the market.

Quality Control

Inspecting and controlling over 650 dye batches per week

Quality Control

Mobus uses its own in-house
Quality Control Team. All our
staff have been trained to adhere
to UK standards and understand
the expectation of Mobus and
our customers.

The QC managers
are on-site inspecting
weaving, dyeing and
finishing to make sure all
aspects of production
are performed to the
highest standards.

All batches are
colour approved in the UK
before shipping. We maintain
the best shade matching to our
master samples and keep files
of all shipping samples to show
continuity. We work with our dyers
to control the shade variance
and maintain all batches
shipped are within
commercial tolerance.

All our rolls are
individually piece
labelled so we can track
all rolls from our customers
in the UK right back to the
inspection routing. This ensures
problems are identified,
understood and resolved
with immediate effect.

Same Day Despatch

Despatching to over 25 countries with a selection of freight partners

Same Day Despatch

Whether it is bulk or samples we aspire to despatch your orders the very same day.

In the modern
day where time is
critical we work tirelessly
to ensure all our urgent
orders are despatched
the same day and
no opportunities
are missed.

Weave & Hold/JIT Supply

Supporting customer requirements with JIT supply and stock forecasting

Weave & Hold Supply

Mobus works in partnership with many of its customers to offer a weave and hold stock programme.

This gives
customers the
ability to manage their
own stock levels and
supply without the
need for additional

Mobus manufacturers
and stocks fabric for
customers to draw from on
weekly basis. This ultimately
helps our customers reduce lead
times without increasing stock,
warehousing space and helps
us batch allocate stock
to reduce any variance
batch to batch.